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Maine's Premier Comprehensive Health Clinic 
Where your healthcare providers work for you!

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Dr. Will & Dr. Shanna’s story: 
This office is the result of us solving a problem. The stories we would hear from patients regarding not only their difficulty in accessing care, but the disconnectedness of the care that they were able to find motivated us to create a new “Mainestream” model that Mainers desperately need and deserve. As healthcare becomes more corporate, many Mainers are noticing a shift away from direct patient care. Doctors are feeling bogged down and bombarded with corporate demands, which is impacting the quality of care they are able to provide. This office is redefining and cutting the edge of future Primary Care in the state of Maine and how your family thinks about healthcare. With our new facility and the well-rounded expertise of our team we are able to provide more for you and your family within the 4 walls of our office than ever before! 

The current healthcare system has lost the incentive to deliver you results & improve your health.

With the inception of Mainestream Health Co. and the comprehensive and inclusive model that we practice, the health support and freedom that you want in your life is just a call away!

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By providing world class Gonstead Chiropractic, Acupuncture and cutting edge medical care, Mainestream Health Co. is enabling you & your family to break free from the 'mainstream' healthcare system. 

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