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Maine's Premier Comprehensive Health Clinic  

Break free from chronic pain & chronic illness

Escape the medication wheel & bandaid approaches

Chronic Gastrointestinal Illness

Sports Injuries

Thyroid Dysfunction

Men & Women's Hormone Optimization

Complex Spine Injuries

Menstrual Health & Optimization

Spinal Disc Injuries



Dr. Will Bartlett chiropractor in Gray, Maine


Dr. Shanna Hudgin Acupuncturist in Gray, Maine
Leda Werrel nurse practitioner in Gray, Maine

Nurse Practitioner

It's our pleasure serving you by providing what we know is the future of healthcare!

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A message from the team

Are you frustrated with the current healthcare system? Well, so were we! 

Prioritizing patient outcomes, dissolving problems, and becoming a long-term resource for you and your family is what this office was built for. A state of the art facility led by practitioners who are invested in you the moment you walk thru our door. This is what we think  healthcare is, what it was originally intended to be, and what it should always be in the future. This is the new 'Mainestream' model that Mainers need and deserve. With the inception of Mainestream Health Co. and the comprehensive, grassroots approach that we practice, the health and freedom that you want in your life just became more attainable and closer than ever before.


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