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We are not just spine specialists!

The Knee 

The knee is very susceptible to torque & mechanisms that twist the femur in relation to the tibia or vice versa. Meniscus, ACL & other ligament strains classically happen with some sort of twisting mechanism imposed on the knee. 

If you have sprained your knee, or torn your meniscus and your knee has never felt 100% since then, you need to get the structure evaluated. If the structure of the knee isn't fully intact, it will continue to perpetuate chronic injuries & prevent the ligaments & other soft tissue from fully healing. 

| Chronic Ligament Tears | Meniscus Tears | Baker Cysts | Sports Injuries | 

Knee examination in Gray, Maine
Ankle x-ray in Gray, Maine

Foot & Ankle

Sprain your ankle a long time ago and never fully recovered? 

Chronic recurring ankle sprains or weakness? The intricate mechanics of your foot & ankle rely on the function of 33 individual bones that can all misalign in specific directions. We have a thorough exam process that is used to assess the function of your entire foot & ankle. If you cannot specifically find the problem then you can't fix it! 

| Plantar Fascia Pain | Instability | Heel Spurs | Bunions | Recurring sprains | 

The Shoulder

In this office we find that roughly 70% of shoulder pain cases are predominantly caused by upper back and/or lower cervical spine problems. There is no other extremity joint that is more closely related to the spine than the shoulder. 

| Frozen Shoulder | Shoulder Pain | Numbness & Tingling | Chronic Dislocations | 

Shoulder adjustment in Gray, Maine
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