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Prenatal Care

Maintenance to the spine & pelvis is vital to a healthy pregnancy & smooth delivery process. The gentle, specific & detail orientated nature of the Gonstead technique uniquely positions us to promote optimal spine & neurological function throughout your entire pregnancy journey. 

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The uterus is a muscle! And just like any other muscle, you do not want it to be weak. Optimal neurological control & nerve signal speed & strength is mandatory for full muscle contraction & strength; proper spine & pelvis alignment is vital for neurological function & nerve signaling. Strong & efficient contractions help to ensure a smooth delivery process.

Pelvis anatomy

A symmetrical, aligned & fully functional pelvis creates the ideal passageway for the baby to pass thru during birth. Pelvis misalignments can prohibit its ability to expand & maintain a symmetrical pelvic ring. 

Ideal fetal positioning

Ideal positioning is feet up & head down with the baby facing your tailbone. Achieving ideal positioning as late in the 3rd trimester is largely dependent on proper nerve signaling & pelvis alignment. If we can help facilitate optimal functioning late in pregnancy we can mitigate the chances of complications arising from improper fetal posture which can be disruptive to your birth & delivery plan.  

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