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Pediatric Chiropractic Care

Kids are far more active than most adults. Spinal & extremity alignment is crucial for them to live optimally throughout their adolescent years as well as into adulthood. Many of the chronic spine cases we see with adult patients stemmed from an injury they sustained in their adolescent or teenage years.

  • Bedwetting

  • Ankle, Knee, & Wrist Sprains

  • Constipation & GI problems

  • Headaches

  • Growing pains

Nervous system chart and anatomy

Acute Pediatric Illnesses

Due to the inherent nature of the nervous system playing a direct role in mounting a sufficient cellular immune response, specific chiropractic care is perfectly positioned to help your child with a number of common acute pediatric illnesses.

  • Ear Infections

  • Sinus & Upper Respiratory Infections

  • Coughs & Lower Respiratory Congestion

  • Tonsilitis

In our office these cases are typically co-managed with our nurse practitioner to help speed up recovery in addition to her treatment protocol or to surmount a more aggressive approach depending on your child's needs

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Spine and extremity alignment are vital to your child's wellbeing. Gonstead chiropractic care provides your child a strong foundation for their preventative, primary care needs.

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