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Comprehensive Wellness Exams

Establish care with our Family Nurse Practitioner to have a healthcare provider
on your team when you need it

This appointment is for people looking to establish care with Leda. If you are looking to find the root cause of a chronic problem and need someone to start from the ground up, or if you are looking to optimize your hormone, gastrointestinal, metabolic, and general wellness this appointment is for you. 

This is a 60 minutes appointment allowing time to get to know you, fully discuss your health history & understand your health goals.  

This will lay the foundation for Leda to evaluate the best options of managing your health in a holistic, goal-oriented way.

New patient evaluations include a blood draw and a 15 minute follow-up checking in on health goals and preliminary lab results. 

Comprehensive Wellness Evaluation

Hormone Health
Thyroid Health
Metabolic Health & Nutrition
Digestive Health
Autoimmune Disorders
Laboratory Ordering & Interpretations 

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