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Nurse practitioner at Mainestream Health Co.

Transforming & paving a new model for your & your family with integrative, state-of-the-art, precision care

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We are here for your family's needs!


The Way


                 Should Be

Tired of rushed doctor's visits?

Sent down the line from one specialist to another?

Only able to get preliminary or incomplete lab work ordered and covered by your insurance company? 

Tired of astronomical office visit & lab fees?

 Waiting months to get an appointment only to spend 7-8 minutes in an exam room? 

Are you feeling frustrated with the care that you've been receiving? 

The current healthcare model isn't working for you! It isn't focused on prevention, wellness & optimization with the best tools and methods at your disposal when you and your provider think you need them. Your care is being managed, and it isn't managed with your health in mind.

Looking for someone to help you solve the difficult problems? 

Looking for a unique, holistic, and personalized approach?

Are you unsure about what you're looking for, but know you need something different?

We have a solution for you!


Send us a message & we'll get back to you

Looking forward to meeting you!

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