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We've created the Mainestream Integrative Health Plan based on the current need in modern health care for a complete change of direction and approach. Many people today struggle from multiple chronic diseases or conditions that begin to stack on top of one another. This plan is designed to offer you with complete health revitalization and a new trajectory in your life. 
If you are interested in or think you are a good candidate for this plan, please call our office and reach out to us for more information!

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Nurse Practitioner in Gray, Maine
Dr. Shanna Hudgin in Gray, Maine
Chiropractic in Gray, Maine
Leda Werrell, FNP in Gray, Maine
Integrative Health Plan Info sheet
Acupuncture in Gray, Maine
Dr. Will Bartlett in Gray, Maine
Blood draw in Gray, Maine
Acupuncture in Gray, Maine
Integrative Health plan doc
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