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Chinese Herbal Medicine

Traditional Chinese medicinals range from plants to animal products and at specific dosages have profound effects. Herbal medicine acts as an augmentation of an acupuncture treatment that continues daily outside of the treatment room.

Chinese herbal medicine is safe and effective, and is customized to your specific condition and constitution.

Oral granules or capsules are for internal conditions like GI upset, cough, headaches, menstrual pain, while topical agents are utilized for bone or muscle injuries, cuts, bruises, itching, burns, and wound healing.

Most Chinese herbs are sourced from Taiwan, Japan, or China and imported to US based herbal companies that package and sell to acupuncture clinics nation-wide. At Mainestream Health Co, Dr. Shanna only uses herbal products from manufacturers that she's actually visited and manufacturers with the highest quality GMPs (Good Manufacturing Procedures) to ensure the cleanest products possible.

If acupuncture or manual therapy isn't speaking to you for care, herbal medicine is a great adjunct or stand alone treatment to help naturally heal your health ailments.


Read more about GMP certification parameters from one of the more popular brands Dr. Shanna uses:

Sunten Herbs - another manufacturer Dr. Shanna utilizes for herbal medicine formulations:

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