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Traditional Chinese Medicine & Pediatric Care

Updated: Jan 25

More than 54% of children in the US suffer from one or more chronic illnesses before they turn 16 years old…asthma, allergies, autism, chronic ear infections, gut disturbances, behavioral problems, autoimmune conditions, eczema….which can ALL be treated before they develop further. Between stress, synthetic medications, exposure to toxins or chemicals in products, technology, and fake foods that circulate in our modern world, kids have a lot to combat to avoid illness. Having a way to smooth their internal energy to achieve balance and avoid disease is critical to their long term health outcomes and is achievable with natural treatment modalities like Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). In Western medicine, the focus is on treating the sickness once it arrives. In TCM, the focus is on preventing illness altogether by tonifying the immune system and keeping the organs of a young individual in balance by encouraging smooth internal flow to prevent health setbacks in the future. If your kids deal with frequent and recurrent colds, coughs, sore throats, ear infections, high fevers, upper respiratory infections, allergies…their immune system is telling you it needs more support. Likewise, if your kids experience digestive upset, abdominal pain, headaches, asthma, sleep troubles, anxiety, skin eruptions (acne, eczema, diaper rash)...their internal organs are telling you there is a kink in their system that needs improvement. Traditional Chinese Medicine can boost the immune engine and promote internal balance for your kids to avoid disease and to stay healthy and well.

Parents Frequently Asked Questions

How are you going to get my kid to lay still and be treated with needles? Kid acupuncture treatments are different than adult acupuncture treatments. As much as we all love our adult acu-naps, kids treatments involve mostly hands on body work. The modalities I use to treat kids include acupuncture (called "taps" or "pins" in the kid world), acupressure with a tuning fork, tuina massage, cupping, self help breathing practices, nutritional therapy, and herbal medicine. The flow of each treatment is based on your child - they can get treated sitting on your lap, playing on the floor, or sitting on the table. If the child says it's okay, acupuncture taps are inserted from a few seconds to a couple minutes, depending on your child's age, demeanor, and comfort. If your child doesn't want to try taps, then we don't. We play games and laugh all while getting a treatment to make them feel better, it's lots of fun! How does acupuncture work? Pediatric acupuncture works the same as adult acupuncture - a series of treatments bring the body to its natural, balanced state to heal and eliminate disease or discomfort. When the internal organs and energy are in balance, they are less likely to have strong reactions to allergens, pathogens, emotional upset/stress, etc. Can you/acupuncture help my kid's health problem? Chances are good that your kids will respond well to TCM because of it's gentle nature and the fact that kids are so resilient! As always, I'm available to discuss any specific questions you might have regarding your child's care or needs, just reach out! Here are some common ailments that TCM can help your kids with: - Colic - Eczema - Diaper Rash - Acne - Acid Reflux

-Asthma and Allergies - Ear infections - Asthma - Upper respiratory infection

-Anxiety - Abdominal Pain - Headaches - Bowel irregularities

-Behavioral problems (ADHD) - Bedwetting - Sore throat -Sleep trouble - Frequent/recurrent colds/flus/coughs How old does my child need to be to get an acupuncture treatment? I've treated infants as young as 2 weeks old. The younger the body, the less stimulation is needed to achieve results and resolve the issue. Nobody is too young for acupuncture and nobody it too old for acupuncture. Can I have both of my kids get treated at the same time? Yes! For kids 12 and younger, siblings can come in for their treatment at the same time. Sometimes kids have a more positive experience trying something new when they have a buddy or sidekick along with them. Only 2 children can get treated within the same time slot, if you have 3 or more kids they will need to get treated separately or in pairs. To get your child on a smoother pathway to healthy, schedule an appointment here


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